My story

Life is beautiful, exciting, challenging and fragile at the same time and it has always fascinated me to see how every person experience life in a unique way. When you meet new people, you hear all these unique life stories, which truly make you see the person next to you in a completely new light, revealing the beauty in every soul. A photo captures a split second of that beauty in a person which creates a memory that will last for eternity. How empty would our lives have been without the stories we heard from pictures taken of great grand- parents, our parents and even our friends? THIS IS WHY I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!

Our Services

Pixels and Frames specializes in family, kids and couple photography on location. We love to capture the natural beauty of people in a beautiful, relaxed outdoor setting. Visit our Packages page to select a package that will suit your photo shoot requirements.


We recently introduced a new design service for electronic video invitations for weddings, birthdays or save-the-date notifications. It is a 30 second infographic animation tailored to your event, style and personality.


A new promotion will be launched soon.